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Sensory Art

Our eight week Sensory Art program explores all five senses in a series of interactive art projects. Each class will begin with an activity that engages one or more of our senses, from playing musical instruments to sorting items in our book of textures, to better understand how we can make use of our senses in art. Then, participants will apply their new found understanding to their own artistic creations.

Art Sensoriel

Notre programme de huit semaines explore tous les cinq sens dans une série de projets d'art interactive. Chaque classe commence par une activité qui engage un ou plusieurs de nos sens, afin de mieux comprennent comment nous pouvons faire usage de nos sens à l'art. Ensuite, les participants appliqueront leur compréhension retrouvée à leurs propres créations artistiques.

Sensory Art 3 - 5 Bilingual

  • - Wednesday 4:00pm - 4:45pm
    - 8 weeks
    - First Class Wednesday September 9th
    - 3 - 5 years
    - Ask about our pick-up options and extended care!
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