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- Saturday, March 9, 2-3pm

- Best suited for ages 4-10. Younger siblings are welcome to join with assistance from an adult.

- Cost includes all supplies

- Adults are welcome to stay and observe, or can participate alongside their child! Fee is $25 per student, with an additional $15 for each participating adult.

March 9 - Sharpie Tie-Dye

  • Learn a special tie-dye technique with sharpie markers, and create a colourful work of art on fabric!

    Note: This workshop uses rubbing alchohol, which can have a strong scent.


    Apprenez une technique spéciale de tie-dye avec des marqueurs Sharpie et créez une œuvre d'art colorée sur tissu !

    Avertissement: Cet atelier utilise de l'alcool à friction, qui peut avoir une forte odeur.

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